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How to Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring

How to Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring

Forget costly hair dye products and lengthy salon sessions, hop quickly into your kitchen and search for some food color. Found some? Great! Now spare a few minutes and read this write up. Also, finalize the color that you want on your hair.This kind of hair dyeing won’t damage your hair and also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It can also turn out to be a super exciting washable hair coloring idea for kids. Be it Halloween, summer vacation outings, or a ‘crazy hair’ day at their school, you can make sure that your kid enjoys it even more with his/her funky, colored hair.Before you start, you have to make sure, that you keep all the rugs, carpets and hard to clean items out of your working area. Choose an area that is easy to clean or spread newspaper on the ground and stand on it. By doing this, you will avoid the floor from getting stained by the falling color droplets.Gather all the basics before starting the procedure, so that you don’t run around rummaging your house with colored fingers and color dripping hair. Last thing to do before you start is to wear an old t shirt and put on the gloves.Apply petroleum jelly in generous amounts along the hairline, on your forehead, on the neck, and on your ears. This will prevent the skin from staining due to dripping color.Put on the gloves. To remove the kinks, brush your hair thoroughly and
hair vendors separate them into 5 6 equal portions. You can secure the divided portions in place by rolling and pinning them, to prevent them from obstructing the colored sections.One thing to remember, before coloring, your hair should be completely dry.In the mixing bowl, take 2 3 tablespoons of conditioner. Gradually start pouring the food color and keep mixing, till you get the desired shade of color.If you want the color really fast, skip the ‘mixing with conditioner’ step and apply the color directly to the hair. You can pour a little color on your gloved palm and rub the palms together. Squeeze and rub the palms around a single

portion of the hair and repeat it for all the sections.With the help of a brush, apply the colored mix one by one to all the portions of the hair. Just muss your hair a little with your fingers so that the color gets distributed evenly. Pin your hair under a shower cap.For low intensity or lighter color, you will have to keep this mix on the hair for at least 30 minutes. Blonde hair will take up the color in a short span of time. If you have brunette to brown hair, then it may require 2 3 hours. If you have dark hair, the mix will have to be retained overnight for the hair to dye completely.Next step is to wash off the conditioner thoroughly. Keep a check on the color of the washed water, the intensity of color will go on reducing. You can use a mild shampoo, but you should know when to stop washing, because the more you wash, the more color you will lose.Lastly, you can either air dry or blow dry your hair and style them as usual.Using a conditioner as a carrier would play an additional role of nourishing your hair, as you will be leaving it in your hair for a long time.For a semi permanent hair color also, you will need the same ingredients. You just have to replace the conditioner with a developer. A developer is one of the two bottles present in a pack of hair dye. You can use that developer or it is a very easily available over the counter. Using a developer will help the color stick to your hair.Rest of the procedure is same as above. When you use a developer as a carrier, you can be sure that the color will stay for at least 2 3 weeks.I’m sure after reading this you are desperately waiting to try this simple trick on you hair. And the fact that, you don’t have to break your bank for it, is an added advantage. You should also thank your kitchen, because before you could even realize, it has helped you save some bucks.

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Why I Don’t Want to Cut My Son’s Hair

I didn’t mean for it to get this way. I did cut his hairtwice, myself. Just a little snip in the back to get rid of the rat tail that was forming. But the second time, it came out a little crooked. So I lost my confidence.

Then I kept meaning to take him

to get it cut, but I never did really out of pure laziness. Eventually,it got to a point where it actually became a style. He looked like he should be in a boy band, with his hair all shaggy and side swept. Summer came, and it got even longer. People started referring to him as a "surfer dude."
He looked like he belonged on aCalifornia beach with a board under his arm (a toddler sized one, at least). His hair also seemed to fit with his attitude he’s an adrenaline junkie, a no fear kid who probably will grow up to surf and skateboard and excel atall manner of extreme sports. He has a laid back, happy go lucky smile on his face most of the time. So his hairstyle just matched his personality.

But the summer is long over. It started to dawn on me that maybe he needed a different style for school, for holiday pictures. One that reflects the changing of the seasons, the end of the lazy days of summer and the beginning of winter. But I still can’t bring myself to get it cut.

Most people remark on his hair. Often it’s admiration "Look at his beautiful hair! Don’t cut it!" although it’s usuallywomen who say that. Others (usually men) will joke about it, saying things like, "What is he, a hippie?" I’m not really sure what’s wrong with being a hippie, but that sounds like an insult. Others still (my husband included) think our son’s hair is somehow a hindrance, that it gets in his eyes or hangs over his ears. OK, I have seen him brush it out of his face with his hands. But I try to keep his bangs pushed to the side, and generally his long hair doesn’t seem to bother him. I have had an urge to put it up in a man bun, though, which he’s adamantly refused.

But why don’t I want to cut it? What am I afraid will happen? First of all, I hate change. I know that when it happens, I will cry. I’ll make them sweep up all the hair from the floor and I’ll save it in a little plastic baggie. (I’m serious. I still have his umbilical cord stump. Don’t judge.)

It’s not that I think he needs to look like a boy, although he has been mistaken for a girl a couple of times. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a boy with long hair. Why do we have to adhere to gender stereotypes anyway?

At the same time, I think it’s inevitable. He has little baby hair, with little wings that come out from the sides. It’s adorable, but it makes him look younger than he is, and he’s already small to begin with. Maybe I don’t need to go all or nothing with it maybe he could just get a little trim. But I worry that the hairdresser won’t follow directionsand will cut it all off anyway. And then I’ll look at him, with his short, responsible looking, big boy haircut, and I’ll wonder where my little baby has gone.

Because ultimately, I just don’t want that kid to grow up. Tina Donvito’s parenting writing has also been featured
wholesale wigs in The Washington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamalode and Fit Pregnancy.

Attention Seeking Children Are Better Learners Later


Toddlers who constantly demand ""look at me!" are most likely to become better collaborators and learners when they’re older, a study published in the journal Child Development found. As a result, they’re eager to collaborate with their parents’ attempts to socialize them."

Attention Seeking Children Are Better Learners Later On

Toddlers who constantly demand ""look at me!" are
wholesale virgin hair most likely to become better collaborators and learners when they’re older, a study published in the journal Child
facebook besthairbuy Development found. As a result, they’re eager to collaborate with their parents’ attempts to socialize them."

It’s Not Their Fault They’re Selfish

Researchers studied the behavior and brain scan images of kids while they played with others, were given rewards and prompted to share with their playmates. The findings revealed that, "even though

young children understood how sharing benefited the other child, they were unable to resist the temptation to make the ’selfish’ decision to keep much of the reward for themselves."

But thankfully, as a child’s brain matures, so will the child. "Brain scans revealed a region that matures along with children’s greater ability to make less selfish decisions," the study found.

Their Memories Are Better Than You Think

In a recent Slate article, Nicholas Day illustrated a timeline of what scientists have learned about toddlers’ memories over the last few decades. Before the 80s, it was believed that babies and young toddlers lived in the present with no memory of the past. Twenty years ago, however, a study found that 3 year olds could recount memories of Disney World 18 months after they visited. And recently, research noted a "27 month old child who’d seen a ‘magic shrinking machine’ remembered the experience some six years later."

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Cute Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Cute Hairstyles for Thin Hair

To manage thin hair, always use a wide toothed comb. It prevents breakage and further thinning of the hair.

People who have thin hair think there’s nothing that can be done to it to make it look better. But that’s so not true. All it needs is good care and the perfect hairstyle to bring it to life.

What kind of hairstyles work for thin hair? Anything that makes it look fuller,iphone 5c remplacement écran bouncier

and uses the thinness to its advantage. Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you have to shy away from hairstyles that you’re dying to try out. This Buzzle article brings to you a few cute hairstyles that thin hair can carry off pretty well. Tweak them according to what you think will work for you and flaunt that gorgeous hair.

For all short haired women out there, you can clearly see how simple yet awesome the hairstyles given above look. The first style is an above the shoulder, scrunched, with bangs look for women with short and wavy hair. To get this look, you’ll have to wash and condition your hair, de tangle it thoroughly, and use hair mousse to bunch up

the hair. Fasten clips to hold the bunches, let them be for about 40 minutes, take off the clips and use hairspray to keep the scrunches in place.

The second option is a rather simple one for women with straight hair. Just get your hairstylist to give you a trendy graduated bob haircut. It’s been spotted on celebrities like Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton and the like. That should serve as persuasion enough for you, shouldn’t it?

Free and Open

Now let’s move on to women who have medium to long hair. Given above are two ways you can style open hair. The first option is a remarkably elegant way of making even thin hair appear voluminous. To get this look, you can wash and condition your hair. Once it is almost dry, apply a leave in serum, and begin twirling it with your fingers. Bunch it at the top of your head for about 30 to 45 minutes. Once you’re completely ready, simply let the hair fall loose and take it all to one side. You can use sparkling clips at the back to hold them in place.

For the second style, make a side parting, and twirl the tips of the hair and keep them clipped at the bottom. But they don’t have to be boring anymore. As you can see, we have a couple of fabulous styles you can try out. For the first one, tie a low ponytail leaving enough hair to tie around it like you would a ribbon. Now, tie the remaining hair around the ponytail. Clip the ends of this hair at the bottom of the ponytail very tightly. You can use transparent clips if you want it to look like an ‘only hair’ style. Or you can bling it up with fancy sparkling clips.

The second style is a messy side ponytail with bangs, which if done right, can make you look just the right amount of naughty and nice. Make a side parting for your bangs and hair. Now tie all your hair into a ponytail on the side of the parting that you have made. You can use a band to tie your hair or go for the steps mentioned for the first ponytail. Now, iron your bangs so that they’re poker straight and have them fall on either side of your face. Perfect!If you thought braids were meant only for thick hair, you’ll be so glad you were wrong. Here are two amazing styles of braids that you can try even if you have thin hair. The first style is a side braid. Given the types of braids there are, we can’t really pin point a particular one for you. Just zero in on the style that you want and instead of the conventional method of tying it at the back of the head, make a side parting, gather all your hair to a side and braid it. Use a large accessory to glam it up even more.

Another option you can try is multiple braids. You may gawk at the possibility of multiple braids with thin hair, but it is possible. Make a side parting and begin braids at random points at the crown of your head. Make them converge into a ponytail and fasten them with a band. From the ponytail, again make multiple thin braids. You can either leave these braids as they are or tie them together at the bottom. Whatever you do, they’ll look fabulous!

Buns and Updos

What does every woman with thin hair
hair vendors want? Her hair to look full, right? What can render this fullness? Waves and twirls! You can make an intricate looking twirled hair bun like the first image. Just wash and condition your hair. Towel dry (so it stops dripping) and twirl it right from the top of your head to the tips. Pin up the hair so that it remains in this position till it dries. Once it has dried, gently open it and fold it into a low bun and pin the ends up neatly at your nape (or a bit higher if you prefer). Add some embellishments for a snazzy look.

The second option shown here is a low bun with side twirls. Instead of twirling the entire hair, twirl only the sides. So when you tie the bun, its sides will be nice and wavy, and the top and center will be straight. Use bobby pins to fasten stray strands. Pin small flowers into the twirls for

a cute and fresh look.

You know what the best part about these hairstyles is? They’ll look great on any face shape. So if that was something you were worried about, just throw that concern out the window. Try these hairstyles on yourself and see the wonders they do for your tresses and your self confidence.

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Download videos from Youtube and lock it

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tubemate is your answer. Tubemate lets you watch and download movies, videos or TV shows directly to your android phone. You can also
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TubeMate is an app that has been around for quite a while now, and it has bettered itself over numerous updates. TubeMate App lets you download and watch content on your phone. It was initially dedicated to downloading content from YouTube, but it has now exceeded that goal and now lets you download videos from online video players like Dailymotion, Vimeo and JW Player among others. TubeMate is quick, well optimised and efficient like none other. And it stands apart in the crowd of other video downloaders like Vidmate and YTD.

However, as we all knows, there are a lot of hot videos in tubemate, therefore, it is also necessary for us to download a
app lock from 9Apps.

Smart app lock is a free app available on play store.This app aloows you to secure all your app.I haven been using this app for a year now and I am just happy that such a app existed because this app allows me to secure app my app so that I can only open it as it has a password for each app.So if any one uses my phone he wont be able to open it without my permission so it makes my device and app be secured.The user interface of this app is very easy and it is easy to use with out any difficulties.You just have to open this app and select the app you want to secure then you just need to provide a password after which all your apps will be locked and no one other then you can use it so simple and effective is’nt it.So if you want to keep your apps secured then this is surly the app you are loking for go ahead and download it from playstore and fell secured.

For more
top apps, visit 9Apps.

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