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Clean master, best cleaner for android phone

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Montreal wig shop has survived decades of changing styles

More than half a century ago, 17 year old Rosina Seminaro blithely suggested that her grandmother Maria and mother Antoinetta open a wig shop. They heeded the girl’s advice.

"It was my idea," laughs Rosina, now 69 and running Perruques Louis XIV. Wigs were all the rage, she said. "Everybody wore a wig or wanted one. Wigs were everywhere!

"There was a time," she recalled, sitting back in her elegant Ste Catherine St. boutique, "that if you didn’t own a wig, then you really weren’t in style."

A lot has changed in the five decades since the city, the world, fashion and media influences over what people wear and how they view themselves. But style in the personal sense never changes, driving generations of women and men to Perruques Louis XIV.

As opulent as it is inviting, the shop welcomes clients for private appointments to shop in discretion and comfort. "That’s important when selecting something as intimate as a wig," said Seminaro, who took over the store in 1997. "Some people come in knowing exactly what they want: style, cut, length. Others may be hesitant or shy, and still some others say nothing at all."

Common to all is the desire to look their best. "For most women today it’s practicality; they want to look great at all times. Not everyone has the time or skill to style their hair or run to a hairdresser, but a quality wig that resembles their own hair is a simple way to keep them looking beautiful all week long.

"Often a woman comes in with a style in mind," Seminaro said. "New clients will have a sense of what they want, influenced by current fashion, but it doesn’t always work for them. I show them what they want, but they note for themselves that it may be too extreme that it looked better in the picture. "

What women inevitably find, she said, "is that the most beautiful selections are always closer to their true selves. We’ve got to find what makes you feel good when you look in the mirror and that’s what we do. It’s the strength of our business."

That’s a company value honed over five generations, as Seminaro’s daughters in law Antonia Lomonaco, Christina Aziz and her granddaughter Claudia carry the tradition and reputation forward. "When she was very little, Claudia always begged me to let her help: ‘Please Nonna, let me comb the wigs like you!’ Now she’s older and she helps out quite a bit," said Seminaro, who can’t resist a wide smile when realizing "she is the same age I was when I first told my grandmother about wigs."

For people with an illness resulting in hair loss or those undergoing chemotherapy, wigs can help provide a much needed boost to their self image and also help them maintain their privacy. "When they come in, it’s a different experience. Especially a child. In that case, it’s not about fashion. I make sure the first thing they try looks great on them. They need to feel comfortable in their skin as soon as possible, to recognize themselves right away." Such clients are encouraged to bring a photo best depicting their natural hair before the loss. "We don’t talk a lot," Seminaro said, adding: "Not much needs to be said. Just put it on and smile."

The several hundred wigs tastefully displayed in store represent a vast array of cuts, lengths, colours and styles. And the availability of both synthetic and human hair offers more options than ever before, whether a small volumizer to thicken a balding patch or flowing, four foot locks with a monofilament cap, virtually undetectable with hand knotted strands appearing to grow from the wearer’s own scalp.

From a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, there’s a wig in a style and budget for everyone here, the storeroom and basement stocked floor to ceiling with thousands of quality wigs, part of what makes Perruques Louis XIV stand out among the rest. "We can send someone home with exactly what they want right away," Seminaro said. "Our experience, price and selection make it easier for clients. We’re known for that."

That’s why Louis XIV clients can be found everywhere from across the street to across the globe. They range from local residents of Montreal’s gay village to suburban homemakers, and from corporate executives to musicians, with a good measure of out of towners thrown in as well. "We get a lot of clients who are on vacation," she said. The store boasts a stellar international reputation, having outfitted countless performers from l’Opra de Montral, Cirque de Soleil, A list Hollywood celebrities, and local movie productions and fashion shows.

Whether from Brossard or Belgium, Lisbon or Laval, a database records clients’ preferences, hair colour and past purchases, enabling Seminaro to replace any wig or suggest a new style in the client’s preferred colour. "Tourists stop by because they know they are getting an affordable, quality piece, and keep that beautiful look for years," she said, adding that a Louis XIV wig can be shipped with care to any destination.

Perruques Louis XIV

1350 Ste Catherine St. E.

Montreal, QC H2L 2H6

Material Among the myriad styles, colours, lengths and qualities of wigs available, the most basic consideration is material: Do you go with human hair or synthetic?

The strongest feature of human hair is its resistance and versatility, said Rosina Seminaro, owner of Perruques Louis XIV. "Human hair wigs can be cut," and while colours are usually more muted and fade with time, they can be dyed repeatedly (light to dark is best). Human hair will last longer and is more resistant to heat damage than synthetics, which can easily be damaged by heat from steam, radiant heat and other sources. How much a person perspires, however, can effect the life of human hair wigs.

If care is taken when washing and storing, human hair wigs last for years. "They don’t need special shampoo. Stick with what you like, how it smells," Seminaro said, adding most human hair wigs Louis XIV sells are tangle free. Synthetics are generally more affordable and styles including curls are permanent. Human hair must be restyled after washing, just as your own natural locks.

Monofilament caps These are the base of it all, virtually undetectable, and creating the illusion of natural hair growth, allowing for multi directional styling and comfortable fit. Individual hairs are hand tied to a strong, sheer mesh so each strand moves freely, like natural hair. Hair can be brushed in any direction and parted on either side. Even upon close examination, the hair appears to be growing directly from the wearer’s scalp.

Lace Front and full lace wigs are indispensable for women who, for years, were forced to wear full wigs or headbands to conceal receding hairlines, Seminaro said. "These create a look of natural hair growth along the front or rear hairlines." This realistic appearance allows women to enjoy ponytails or elegant up dos.

Volumizers These are smaller hairpieces that are "integrated" into existing hair to create thicker, fuller hairstyles, and are simple solutions to thinning hair with a variety of styling options.

Extensions These are very popular for people who want to instantly add length subtle or dramatic and thickness to their natural hair. Quality extensions are hand tied for softness and fastened with multi directional clips, as opposed to traditional styles of braiding extensions into existing hair, which Seminaro warns can break the hair. "The old style is to literally sew the extension into a braid, and redo it as your hair grows, damaging your natural hair. You buy extensions because you want more hair, not less!"

Fit Whether half or full, synthetic or human hair, and whichever style, cut or colour, it’s all held confidently in place with a variety of methods. Clips and combs snap securely to existing hair; special double sided tape is used if the wearer is bald; some parts are elasticized or use Velcro, or have adjustable sliding straps for a snug secure fit. "It’s nothing to apply," said Seminaro, adding: "The quality today allows users to fit their wig securely for the rest of the day in only about 15 seconds."

This story was produced by Postmedia Works on behalf of Perruques Louis XIV for commercial purposes. Postmedia’seditorial department had no involvement in the creation of this content.

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Generous schoolgirl donates 17inch ponytail to cancer wig charity

A nine year old schoolgirl who has never so much as trimmed her hair has chopped off all her locks and donated the resulting 17inch ponytail to a cancer wig charity.

Xanthe Coote, from Portsmouth, Hants, decided she wanted to

The real life Rapunzel also raised a staggering 666 for Portsmouth based children’s hospice Naomi House an especially impressive amount since her initial target was just 50.

Before: Xanthe shows off her super long locks before preparing to have her hair cut for the first time in her life

mum Anjella Corr, 40, said: ‘Xanthe has grown her hair all her life

she has never had it cut. I guess like most little girls she liked to

have long hair.

‘But then one

day she came home and said she wanted to have it all cut off because her

friend had a haircut. She also decided she wanted to give
hair distributors She knows a family

friend, whose daughter had cancer and needed a wig. It is

in her nature to be so giving and I am immensely proud of her.’

Xanthe’s new goal is to regrow her hair and cut it all
wholesale wigs off once more to help
wholesale brazilian lace closure those in need.

Monica Glass, spokesperson for Little Princess Trust, who make the wigs, said: ‘The Little Princess Trust is very grateful to Xanthe for her kind hair donation.

‘Support such as this helps us to continue to provide real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland, that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

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Those with cardiovascular diseases have benefited with the use of this oil. By taking pure omega 3 supplements along with your medication,
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rice university astronomer patrick hartigan wrote on his website

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Unless you are on the early morning run, you will want a reservation for this SQ ferry which is $15 for a typical family car. This ferry crosses 32 miles of the Pamlico Sound from the western mainland of NC to Ocracoke Island in about 2 hours. Your ferry lands in the heart of Ocracoke..

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