Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair

Hi, today, we’re talking about hair extensions, and we’ve got great new tips for you. So the first one is: Do hair extensions
tedhairs ruin the hair? Now, this is a very commonly asked question amongst consumers and people interested in getting hair extensions. So let me give you a few tips. Being a professional myself, and working in a salon, I get the opportunity to do a lot of hair
tedshair extensions. Now, most important, I require
tedhair all my clients to see me on a regular basis. If we apply hair extensions, it’s very important that we communicate and I see you regularly. This way, you don’t receive damage to your hair. Number two: If I do your hair extensions, also let me remove
tedshairs your hair extensions. This is good for you and your professional at home. Remember, if you want your hair extensions to be beautiful and long lasting and damage free, make sure you stay with your professional, see her on a regular basis, and do not in no circumstance remove them yourself at home. My name is Sylvia Russell, and no, hair extensions do not ruin your hair. Thank you.

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